Save Cammo Fields

A farmfield where skylarks sing 

or a load of houses?

If you care about Edinburgh’s Greenbelt, please take time to object to the plans (lower photo) that City of Edinburgh Council are thinking about considering for the field (top photo) that is currently home to several important bird species.

The City of Edinburgh Council claims to consider the Local Biological Diversity Action Plan (LBAP) when making planning decisions. If that is really true then why are they even thinking about building houses on this field which is home to 4 species of birds specifically mentioned in the LBAP (tree sparrow, yellowhammer, reed bunting and linnet) and to two other species (skylark and, in winter, fieldfare) that are red listed as being of being priority conservation need in the UK ? 

A pre-planning application exhibition is currently showing at Cramond Kirk Halls today and tomorrow. Please go along if you can and add your voice to the protest.This is still at the pre-planning application stage, we can still stop it, but everyone needs to add their voice.

Before we even think of building on biodiversity rich green spaces, we should build on brownfield sites and bring empty homes and other abandoned buildings back into use.  

If you can’t attend the exhibition, you can contact the developers directly. You can also write to your Edinburgh councillor (whichever area of the city you live in) and write to the Edinburgh Evening News and to other relevant publications. If you live in the Cammo area, you can join Cammo Residents Association in their fight against this inappropriate development (they’re on Facebook and Twitter too). .

I have written to the Edinburgh Evening News and to the members of City of Edinburgh’s Planning Committee. You can read the text of my letter and a list I compiled of the committee members email addresses.

As ever, bold text contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more.


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One response to “Save Cammo Fields”

  1. Scott says :

    This development should never be allowed to go ahead. This is green belt land with huge traffic issues at present. There are a myriad of other locations which should be progressed ahead of this one and Edinburgh council should take a long, hard look at themselves if this is approved.

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