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Edinburgh International Film Festival

I’m a great believer in the value of cinema in communicating about issues! I’m currently busily reviewing the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

You can read my reviews of films with environmental themes on Crafty Green Poet and the films that don’t quite fit that theme I’m reviewing on my Shapeshifting Green blog.

Guided Walks as Informal Education

I’ve been running guided walks for several years now. I run five week courses of birdwatching walks for City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education and have incorporated walks into classes I’ve taught on the Water of  Leith for the University of Edinburgh Office of Lifelong Learning.

Guided walks are sociable events. In most cases the walk leader stops at specific places to do a wee talk then takes people on to the next specific place for a talk. In between people can chat among themselves or ask the walk leader questions. With birdwatching walks, its much more about keeping our eyes and ears open to the birdlife around us, but even then there’s plenty of chance for participants to talk to each other during the walk. It makes for a very informal and enjoyable way to learn.

At the end of an ideal guided walk, participants will have:

  • got some exercise and fresh air
  • learnt something
  • had a nice chat and possibly made new friends.

If you go on guided walks, what are your favourite elements to them?