Zero Waste Week 2 – 8 September

It’s Zero Waste Week!

Now in it’s sixth year, Zero Waste Week invites you to reduce landfill waste and save money.

This year’s theme is “Use it Up!” which will tackle food waste.

Find out more about Zero Waste Week.

Edinburgh recently introduced food waste recycling, which means that those unavoidable bits of food waste aren’t entirely wasted. It’s particularly useful if you don’t have a compost pile. I’ve always been very careful not to waste food and avoid overpackaged food products. I also avoid buying ingredients that I might use for one recipe but that I’m unlikely to use again. I try to never leave food in a shared office fridge, as that can often lead to things being forgotten and going mouldy and no-one claiming responsibility….

What are your favourite ways to cut down on food waste? Share your ideas for how to cut down on waste, either at home or at work, in the comments section below!


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