The Planet and Stuff

There are so many grim stories about the environment at the moment, here are just a few:

In Texas some towns are losing their water supplies, because the wells are being drained so the water can be used for fracking.

Half the world’s hungry people could survive for a year on the food that G8 countries use as biofuels.

The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world, yet we’re on the brink of poaching these magnificent creatures to exctinction.

The real challenge is knowing how to address these issues without giving in to huge pessimism. I always think that creative projects can do a huge amount to get people involved about thinking about the issues in ways that are empowering rather than depressing.

Polka Theatre recently emailed me about their forthcoming production The Planet and Stuff. Polka Theatre produce world class shows for children and with this production they aim to get children engaged in the issues round climate change. As their own publicity says:

From global inequality to your own recycling. From what’s going on up in the atmosphere to where that sweet wrapper in your pocket came from and where it might end up, climate change takes centre stage.


Part live science demo, part hyperactive game show,The Planet and Stuff  is the fact-packed, straight-talking climate change event with all the answers. What could possibly go wrong?
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One response to “The Planet and Stuff”

  1. Carol Steel says :

    It is difficult to keep from feeling overwhelmed by all the negative stories, yet one must keep on doing what each one of us can. To allow apathy or a feeling of being overwhelmed to win means we all ultimately lose.

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