Effective Networking Events

I’ve blogged before (here, here and here) about the Insights and Ideas Cafe events organised by Creative Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland. I’m always impressed by these events. One of the things I like is the way they facilitate networking.

When you arrive at an event, you get yourself a tea or coffee (and sometimes cake) then sit at a round table with other people. Most people are very friendly and introduce themselves (Note to self: introduce self before starting to eat cake). There are generally three or four speakers at the event with time for questions and then a break in the middle when you get more tea or coffee and chat with the people round your table about the speakers so far. Then someone from each table is asked to feedback the group discussions to the whole audience.

The focussed format used by Insights and Ideas makes networking so much less daunting for people who aren’t extroverts. You’re not left feeling lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces and can get to know a small group of people, while contributing to an interesting discussion.

I’m much more comfortable with this style of networking than the kind of event where you’re shown into a mass of people standing around, and expected to go and find someone you’ve never spoken to before, otherwise you won’t get your free glass of wine.

What’s your favourite style of networking event?


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2 responses to “Effective Networking Events”

  1. Carol Steel says :

    I would much prefer this smaller cosier style. It’s a challenge to be an introvert and have to cruise a large room full of stangers. I envy extroverts who do it so easily. My absolute preferred way of getting to know new contacts is in really small groups of two or three, but that doesn’t often happen.

  2. julietwilson says :

    Hi Carol, yes it’s a challenge isn’t it?

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