Some things I’ve learned from my Etsy shop

Just about a year ago, I set up the Crafty Green Poet shop on Etsy.  It’s a place to sell some of my recycled crafts and craft supplies and it’s always been intended as a hobby, rather than a business. (I don’t have the capacity to produce crafts at a commercial rate and nor would I want to!).

Judging it as a hobby and comparing it to a few Etsy shops of similar size and age, sales haven’t been too bad and although it’s hardly making a real profit, it’s not making a loss.Here are just a few things I’ve learned from Etsy so far:

Existing contacts are vital. All the sales have originated from people who either follow me @craftygreenpoet on Twitter; follow my Crafty Green Poet blog follow me on Pinterest or are facebook friends.

Give and Take. Etsy is a real community, it can be difficult to break into (specially now, when it’s already become a mature market and network). Making new contacts on Etsy, joining the teams (many of which have lively discussion forums) and naking treasuries of your favourite items made by other Etsy sellers can all help to publicise your work to other sellers and potential buyers on Etsy.

Everyone is a Customer as well as a Seller. More than anything  I think if you bought loads of stuff on Etsy yourself, then you would see a reciprocal increase in your own sales. (This can seem unfair in some ways.)

Help and Advice is never far away! Etsy itself is very useful, offering lots of advice for crafters wanting to ensure that their shops are successful and lots of ways for crafters to connect with each other.

Etsy sells handmade and vintage items and recycling and reuse is often part of the sellers’ ethos. There is a wonderful selection of upcycled and repurposed items on Etsy and there are teams that cater specifically for crafters who recycle.

Making new contacts! Etsy is a friendly community I have made some new contacts there who I have then also connected with on Twitter or Facebook.

As ever, bold text contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more.


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