The Scottish Government is committed to tackling knife crime in Scotland, through the No Knives Better Lives Initiative. As part of their involvement with the issue, the Scottish Youth Parliament created We-CTV.

We-CTV is a competition where young people use production events to learn the facts about knife crime and produce short films to spread the message to their peers.  We-CTV has been recognised by the Scottish Government as an example of innovative, successful engagement.

You can view all the videos in this year’s competition by clicking on the links here.

You’ll notice that most of the videos are made by school groups. However, one video was made by young people from the Ripple Project, which is where I’m currently teaching a course on short story writing. I don’t know any of the young people involved, my course is for adults. However I do know that the Ripple Project are very proud of the achievements of these young people and their video is very impressive (scroll down on this page to watch it).

There’s still time to vote for the video that you think is most effective! So have a cup of tea, watch the films and vote for your favourite! Voting is open until midday on Monday 18 February!

As ever, bold text contains hyperlinks that take you to other pages where you can find out more.


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