The Feel Good Factory on Creative Thinking

The Feel Good Factory on Creative Thinking explores the techniques used to spark ideas that free our minds. It is an inspiring read, full of ideas for tapping into and making the most of your creativity.

It starts with a useful quiz to explore your attitude to procrastination and balancing your tasks. It then goes on to offer:

* Advice on time management, making ‘to-do’ lists, breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, how to identify your optimal thinking environment

* The importance of lifelong learning, research and creative problem solving and the value of being silly and allowing yourself to make mistakes

* Advice on finding and capturing creative ideas, how to improve your innovation skills and how to avoid information overload

* The importance of storytelling

* The value of networking


Some quotes from the book

‘A big part of being creative is not simply about being inspired; it’s about simply getting things done’

‘It’s much better to greet the new day with a messy desk and a clear head rather than the other way round’ (though the book does underline the value of de-cluttering!)

‘Deadlines help you to be decisive’

‘Think of your brain as being a bit like a computer – a lot of processing goes on in the background and that needs downtime’

‘It’s important to develop a sense of curiosity about everything’

‘Pay attention to your intuition’

‘Most creative ideas are just…. two or more elements connected in a new or novel fashion’

‘You only ever learned to walk after a lot of falling over’

‘Many of the greatest inventions were accidental’

The Feel Good Factory on Creative Thinking is published by Infideasbooks.


The book also recommends Pinterest as a useful social networking site and a place for collating visual images to inspire your work, so for better or worse I’ve now joined Pinterest.


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