Beginners Birdwatching Classes

I’m in the middle now of another term of beginners birdwatching classes that I lead for the City of Edinburgh Council. I’ve been leading these classes for a couple of years now and it’s good to see some people coming back time after time as well as to always see new faces!

I always say to people I can’t guarantee what species of birds will turn up on our walks and I can’t guarantee the weather. I’m doing surprisingly well on both of these though, we almost always get to see a good selection of birds and the weather is always pretty good (specially considering how unreliable Scottish weather is!).

Each walk is billed to last two hours but always lasts at least a bit longer because everyone gets so engrossed in the birds we’re seeing. Yesterday at Blackford Pond, everyone was particularly impressed by the dabchicks (little grebes) on the pond and the chiffchaffs in the bushes.

We also had an unexpected addition to the class in the form of a young kitten who quickly made friends with everyone in the class. Not quite sure what the birds thought, but they certainly weren’t scared off!

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