National Spring Clean and Corporate Volunteering

Anyone who cares about the environment at all must be concerned about the amount of litter in Scotland (and other countries too no doubt!). How often do you go for a nice wander through the woods or the hills only to find drinks cans in the heather and trees decorated with bags of dog poo? In many areas of our towns and cities, the situation is much worse.

Not only does all this litter make our country a mess but it’s dangerous for wildlife. I posted recentlyabout volunteering with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. Part of my role is to pick litter every week along a section of the river. One day I found the decomposed remains of a mouse or shrew inside a discarded beer bottle. There must be many animals that meet that type of fate. Rubbish that ends up in rivers makes its way to the sea. Sea turtles and other marine animals may eat plastic bags thinking that they’re jellyfish. Albatrosses and other birds feed plastic waste to their young because real food is so scarce. Parts of the oceans could these days be described as soups of plastic (the Midway project is a powerful exploration of these problems).

So Keep Scotland Beautiful are running the National Spring Clean through April and May. They hope that 200 000 people will join in this year and volunteer to clean up their local area. This offers an ideal team building and corporate responsibility opportunity for your company or organisation! Your staff or members could get to know each other while doing something really worthwhile and cleaning up a local area. So choose the area you want to clean up, choose your date and register here!

The Water of Leith Conservation Trust offers excellent opportunities for corporate volunteering. Your team can choose the tasks they want to do to help to clean up the river and maintain it as a healthy environment for wildlife.

Getting your company involved in conservation voluntary work offers excellent team building while doing something that is genuinely useful. It gets your staff involved in the local community and can encourage them to volunteer as individuals. It is good exercise and can improve staff  fitness and morale. It can help staff become re-aquainted with the natural world. It’s also good fun!

So why not give it a go?

If you have any experiences of corporate environmental volunteering, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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